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Support & Tithes

The Huddle is the none-for-profit humanitarian arm for Israel Doctrine Entertainment. The Huddle is an all volunteer organization network made up of the collective community of believes (The Mix Multitude) who have come together and have agreed to be watchmen. There are no paid staff, warehouse, offices, etc. The goals of The Huddle are to principally challenge the Moral-Spiritual leaders, the doctrines thereof, and the Majority Consensus of the community/territory and as well as to then go forth to establish the Cultural, Economic, and Socio-Political Cohesiveness of Israel which are same goal as Israel Doctrine Entertainment

The Huddle has no overhead. It is amazing what volunteers can accomplish. "Since our conception, until the present, we have continually expanded The Huddle and worked to fulfill the goals of challenging the false ministers misleading the multitude, increase the number of watchmen, in addition to going forth to enlighten the collective community of believes internationally." Now our primary objective as watchmen is to “warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life” Ezekiel 3:17-18. And our expectation as watchmen is to hopefully spur a transformation of a misguided Hip-Hop generation into a generation of watchmen and ultimately change how this Hip-Hop generation [Israel] will be documented in world history. 

"The collective community of The Huddle will therefore watch from the high spiritual vantage point that one receive from the Doctrine of Israel to "survey the landscape" that allows us to foresee not only the potential blessing on the horizon, but also potential threat as well." This grave responsibility that comes with this assignment is in itself, attention-grabbing. As it is written, "if the watchman sees the sword coming, and blows not the trumpet, and the people are not warned; if the sword comes, and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand" So, this is how The Huddle utilizes Hip Hop as a positive tool: to reach out to the community educator, and to educate others about Hip Hop culture through discussion panels, community service events, that address police brutality, poverty, unemployment, insufficient education, disunity and violence, black on black crime, teenage pregnancy, crack addiction, abortion, aids, and these harlot houses."

Now The Huddle began with word of mouth which is one of the most humble of outlets in the Hip Hop community. And we thank you for your interest regarding supporting The Huddle. Now we have never solicited funds for any of our biblical material or service to the commonwealth of Israel. Still many loving inquiries have been made as to how they could support The Huddle. We commonly advise people to seek to help those needy individuals in their own congregation or community. We believe this is how you can best serve the Lord with material things that he has given you to be steward over. Yet some have still inquired support beyond doing that and this page has been set up to accept gifts and offerings (support) from those who still would like to help The Huddle in that regard. 

All gifts are used to support The Huddle and never for personal use - even though the scriptures allow us we rather believed “that such gifts of love” are better utilized for spreading the gospel and supporting and edifying the Body of Christ. Also The Huddle is not, neither intends to become, a registered tax-exempt organization because in doing so technically allows the government to have control over what we can teach through the legal wording of such documents. Free Church donations are automatically untaxable because of separation of church and state. Upon request we will send receipt to allow donators to declare offerings as a tax-deductable charitable gift for those whom this is a concern. Thank you for considering The Huddle with your gifts of love. For more Explanation of Tithes Computation

IMPORTANT - We firmly believe that to contribute to the work of any ministry on credit is unwise. Support & Tithes must not be an afterthought, but accomplished with the first fruits of one's increase! Therefore we strongly urge the use of debit cards, since they represent that which has already come under one's stewardship.

Realizing that the borrower is the servant of the lender, we also urge the family to refrain from the misuse of credit cards altogether, as well as all other forms of credit whenever possible, so as to function in the Kingdom as servants of the Host High and not servants of the lenders!

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